full service aquarium design and maintenance 

Exotic Aquatics, Inc.


Exotic Aquatics is a one of kind aquarium service company that works with it's customers to achieve their ideal aquarium vision at the best possible price. We offer many options to obtain a beautiful aquarium for your home or business from refurbished used aquariums to complete custom builds! We specialize in exotics like coral reef aquariums, stingrays, and seahorses but also offer all types of fish! Having worked in all facets of the aquarium trade for the past 30 years, we have kept everything under the sun that goes in an aquarium. We have extensive knowledge in all types of aquarium fish and even offer reptile and amphibian aquariums like paladariums (half water half land). Our goal is to provide our customers with an installation that surpasses their expectations and to provide the best bang for their buck! We will work with each individual’s budget and desires to let you know what you’re best options are for what you are trying to accomplish. Exotic Aquatics will navigate you through all the shortcomings of the aquarium retail trade so you don't waste your money on things like inadequate filtration, incompatible fish, non- sustainable coral, and over priced unnecessary products.

Exotic Aquatics takes great pride in making your aquarium experience stress free and the most fun possible!