full service aquarium design and maintenance 

Exotic Aquatics, Inc.


Owner, Bryan Mamula started working in a fish store at the age of 13 and quickly became enthralled with the amazing variety and beauty available to the aquarium keeper!  He rapidly developed a passion for aquariums and spent all his spare time working with fish and coral.  His ambition leads him into managing his store and eventually into ownership.  From there he ventured into other areas of the trade like fish collection, import/export, wholesale, and aquarium installation and servicing.  Along the way, mentoring under some of the best and biggest pioneers of the aquarium industry!  He has seen and gone through all the pros and cons involved in the aquarium industry over the past 30 years and is proficient in all areas of the trade giving him a very deep understanding of it. He has worked on a large scope of aquarium projects over the years from setting up entire retail operations, working on large public aquarium installations, obtaining permits for fish and coral collection, collecting fish, and hundreds of different custom projects of all shapes, sizes and varieties of animals and fish. All of this experience over the years has allowed Bryan to develop some of the best sources for ultra cool, rare and exotic tropical fish, coral, reptiles, and amphibians. He has also learned how to propagate many different coral species and breed many different fish species.  So your aquarium will not only look beautiful, full of life and vitality but will also likely produce new life!